Dedicated to helping women get lean without sacrificing their relationship with food and exercise
Get in the best shape of your life, both physically and mentally.

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Our customized Premium Program is for you if:

You are discouraged by your weight loss efforts
You want to get lean and toned
You have a history of over-eating and/or over-training
You have struggled with your relationship with food
You are coachable and committed to making a change
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Improving digestion
Minimizing inflammation
Controlling appetite through hormone optimization


Maintain functional strength without adding bulk
Improved core strength and mobility
Flattering upright posture


A systemic science based approach
Improve daily habits and routine
Save time and increase energy

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Sarah, British Columbia

I have worked with trainers and nutrition coaches in the past. Most programs I have engaged in are rigid and geared towards hitting a certain physical appearance through any means possible. I have been left hating my body, my relationship with food, and exercise. This program is different. It truly targets sustainable change, it is not a quick fix. We are all unique and not only does Steph recognize this, she helps to support and celebrate it. I learned what does and does not serve me and together we were about to lay a sustainable foundation for my overall health. I have healed my relationship with my body, overcome a long lasting eating disorder, now sleep 8 hours a night (which was unheard of), have achieved the physique I’ve always wanted, and am mentally in the best place I’ve ever been. The care Steph has taken to create such an all-encompassing program is obvious and the results I’ve achieved have been life changing.

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What are people saying?

These women are a part of the community and dedicated to their health and fitness.

I always knew I had food habits tied to emotions but I never understood how to break them. Steph tapped into the real reasons I was overeating. I created a new level of self-awareness and understanding around my patterns and finally mend my relationship with food. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about learning why and how we got there in the first place.
Through the Forever Lean Program I created daily habits and a routine that works for me. I loved the variety of daily tasks Steph had me try. I wasn’t successful with every task and I learned that’s okay! What did work for me stuck. I’ve had amazing results, not just in my body appearance but my skin, self image, thought process, decision making skills and the list goes on.
As a competitive athlete and varsity soccer player I felt like I knew a lot about nutrition, exercise and goal setting. But I learned so much. It was humbling to leave that competitive all or nothing attitude behind and create a new long term and sustainable mindset towards health and fitness. I’ve reframed what health and wellness means to me and have never been happier.
British Columbia
Learning about how important hydration is and creating systems was huge for me to stay consistent and see results. Stick with it and do not give up! Small changes equal big results with time.
This program is different from others I've tried because Steph knows that in order to achieve your goals you must work on both your physical AND mental health. It's not one or the other. She is extremely knowledgeable and will never judge you if you mess up or are having a bad day. She is a huge support for me and I wouldn't be where I am today without her.
I remember at the start I was absolutely hating the exercises but thinking I had to do them all. Steph worked with me to change out the ones I was struggling with, and it worked! I always thought that you had to do everything "properly" and in order but once we changed to things I enjoyed I found myself completing the full workout. By the end, I liked them so much I was doubling up on them!
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